Saturday, 7 June 2014

Ek Ghar Banaunga 7th June 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Poonam praying for herself in jail. Mata Singh wishes Poonam gets jail for murder charges. The court case starts. Poonam defends herself. The opposition lawyer blames Poonam for Naveen’s murder attempt. The judge asks Poonam to defend herself. Poonam acts bold and tells she has a right to speak up and defend herself. Mata Singh looks on. The lawyer calls the witnesses and asks them about what they saw at the location. Everyone give statements against Poonam. They tell how Poonam slapped Naveen in public and threatened to kill him. Mata Singh also gives the statement. He tells them that Naveen was against Poonam and she has warned him.

He tells how Poonam has threatened him, and Naveen came to me to take his support. He asked me to come with him and talk to Poonam. He says we went to Poonam’s house and she has kicked them out, and then he came to know that Naveen is killed by Poonam. He says I can’t believe how can Poonam fall so low. Poonam nods no.

Mata Singh’s goons come to kill Naveen, but Akash comes on time. The doctor sees Naveen unstable and treats him quick. Poonam defends and tells about Mata Singh. She says all the witnesses are right, and told what they saw, but its half truth. The lawyer says you are using Naveen to save yourself. Poonam says Naveen was misbehaving with me, and I slapped him. She says Mata Singh and Naveen came my home, to tell me that how powerful they are and I should be afraid of him.

The lawyer says you have killed Naveen. Poonam says I will tell the details now. The doctor says I don’t know how did Naveen get unwell, someone has given him poison injection. Poonam brings a bag and says assume this is dead body and this color is blood. She says I have dragged it, but the blood did not fall on my legs, it shows the blood was already there in the office when I went there. She shows the demo. She says the dead body fell on me like this and I have nothing to do with murder. She says she tried to save Naveen and pull off the knife.

She says I don’t have any motive to kill him, but Mata Singh can get benefit by his death. Mata Singh says what is this nonsense. He says Poonam is always behind me. Poonam says I want to bring the truth out. She asks about the land on which his home is made. He says yes, I bought that land and made my home. She says lie, that was govt land which was given to school, but he took it to make home. Sbhe says Naveen was helping him and knew his secret, so he has tried to kill him. She says I had the file but hos goons have taken it.

The lawyer defends Mata Singh. The court asks for evidence. Akash comes and brings the proof. Mata Singh is shocked. Akash brings Naveen to give the statement. Neveen says Mata Singh tried to kill him, and he took the govt land. He says Mata Singh has threatened me and said he will kill my family. He tells them everything. Naveen says I have a copy of that file and gives it as proof. He says I accept that I m involved with Mata Singh’s sins. The judge gives the decision in Poonam’s favor and says Mata Singh would be given 20 years life imprisonment. Mata Singh is shocked. The judge says Mata Singh’s illegal house should be broken and school should be made there, The police arrests Mata Singh. Everyone clap for Poonam.

Mangla does Poonam’s aarti at home. Everyone praises Poonam. Mangla says its Vandana’s good values that Poonam has proved to be an ideal woman. Poonam gives the credit to Kanno when she took all the work duties on her. She thanks Kanno and she smiles. Its night, Akash looks at Poonam and music plays…………. She asks what are you seeing like this. He says we have come very far walking together. He says I met you for the first time here and you were a normal college student but today you are special, Sitapur’s MLA. She says yes Akash.

He recalls their old times and the flashback is shown. He says I fell in love with you. She says then we got married. They think about their good moments and their journey together. They smile and hug. They thank each other for being good to each other’s families. The news shows Poonam’s praising and how she proved herself innocent. They say school is going to be made on Mata Singh’s home land, we salute Poonam. Everyone welcome Poonam. She lays the foundation of the school. Akash and Poonam smile and pose with their families.

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Friday, 6 June 2014

Ek Ghar Banaunga 6th June 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Poonam telling Akash that the peopn called her and told her about the file. Akash says then he will go to meet him. Akash drops Poonam at the office. Its dark at night with no power. She says there is something fishy. Akash goes to park the car. She opens the cupboard and Naveen’s body falls on her. She is shocked and looks at him. She shouts and sees the knife. She holds the knife and the guard comes there. He says murder, I will call police. Poonam shouts for Akash. The goons hold Akash and asks him to be here. He asks him to sit in the car and threaten him.

Akash beats the goons. The police comes there and arrests Poonam on murder charges. She says I did not do this. He says you did this murder. They arrest Poonam and she cries. They tell Akash that there us a murder. Akash says my wife is inside, I have to go. Akash comes in and is shocked to see Naveen dead.

Akash says Poonam came here to get the file. I was outside ad she came inside alone. He says someone is framing her. Poonam says check him, maybe he is alive, take him to hospital. Akash tells thye SP that you know us, we did not do this. Akash says someone is framing Poonam. The SP says we also don’t believe Poonam can do this, but things are against us. He asks him to come with lawyer and then bail her out. The arrest Poonam and leave. The news shows this on tv. Everyone is shocked at home.

The reporter says Poonam has threatened to kill Naveen two days ago. Mangla says Poonam can’t do this, call Akash. Shashikant calls Akash but can’t connect. He asks her to be calm. Mama says I think Mata Singh did all this. Mata Singh talks to his family and is happy with what all happened with Poonam today. He tells his mum that he has framed Poonam in murder case and she will not be out of it now. Mata Singh tells him that he has killed Naveen. He says everyone will think my house is on the school land and Poonam will be arrested on your murder charge.

Naveen falls. Mata Singh laughs knowing Poonam got arrested. He gets a bad news that Naveen is still alive and is in coma. Mata Singh is shocked. Akash asks the police for help but they tell him that they can’t help him. Akash meets Poonam and pacifies her. They come to know that Naveen is still in coma. Poonam asks the SP to increase security else Mata Singh will try to kill him. The lawyer says he will try his best to work out things in Poonam’s favor. Poonam cries. She asks him to go home as family needs him. He says I won’t go. Halaat ke ye sitam hai o piya……………..plays…………………

Akash leaves. Ye jiya na lage na………………plays………….Everyone at home are tensed. Mangla says Poonam went to jail in murder charges, what will people think about us. Shashikant says Akash will free Poonam. Akash comes home and tells them that lawyer is unable to help him. Jai calls him and Akash tells everyone that no lawyer is agreeing to take Poonam’s case. Everyone is shocked. Mangla says it means Poonam will be in jail for long. Ambika, Parul and Vidya come to meet Poonam in jail. Poonam says I have to prove myself innocent.

Akash comes to meet Poonam and tells her that no lawyer is fighting your case. As no one wants to go against Mata Singh. Ambika says what will happen now. Poonam says that which always happened, the truth will win at last. Akash asks but how, we got a date from court. Poonam says fine, I will fight my own case. Parul says how can you be the lawyer. Poonam says its by court rules.

Mata Singh talks to his goons and tells them about Poonam. He says I want this murder attempt to turn into murder. Naveen is shocked seeing a goon inject poison to him in the hospital ward. They give him the injection and Naveen falls unconscious.
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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Ek Ghar Banaunga 5th June 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with the goons checking the women’ faces. They see Poonam and catch her. She tries to run and fights with them. The catch her again and try to kidnap her. Akash passes by and Poonam sees him. She shouts Akash and he stops the car. He is shocked to see her between the goons and comes to her rescue. He fights with the goons and asks Poonam to run as she has to expose Mata Singh. Poonam runs and her feet gets hurt. Some goons find her and try to catch her again. She sees an axe and asks them to come now holding it.

She says come, catch me now, why did you stop. She says I will kill you if you come to me. They get afraid. Some women see Poonam and beat the goons. Poonam smiles and leaves from there.

Poonam comes to meet the CM, but the goons fire in the air, so CM leaves from that place. The goons threatens Poonam asking her to be in her limits. He takes the file from her. Poonam slaps him. She scolds him and says insults him infront of everyone. She says what if you take the file. I will still win, this slap is just the beginning, see what I do. Akash comes there and hears Naveen warning Poonam. The police comes there. Akash talks to Poonam. She says the file is gone, the goons took it, it was our last hope. Akash says I will bring it, you go home.

He sends her home. The goons bring the file and give it to Mata Singh. Mata Singh is happy seeing it. He says don’t waste time now, and burn this file. Naveen is angry as he got slapped by Poonam. He tells this to Mata Singh. Mata Singh says don’t worry, we will take the revenge for this insult. Naveen says I feel like killing her. Mata Singh says everything has a time, be calm till I come out from here. The lawyer comes and says great news, you got the bail. Mata Singh laughs and says I will go to Lucknow from here.

Poonam comes home and tells everyone what happened. Everyone ask Poonam not to be upset. Mangla says if anything wrong happened, then. Poonam says that work was important. Mata Singh comes there and everyone is shocked seeing him out of jail. He says Poonam is a MLA and could not take the file to the CM, so helpless, its so shameful. He says this is politics and what did you think, you will solve all problems being a MLA, the problem starts with the chair.

He says you need power, else you won’t be able to do anything. He says I will rule on Sitapur, if I m in jail too. He laughs saying I m Mata Singh, the king of Sitapur. Naveen taunts Poonam and asks her to speak up now. Mata Singh says you are becoming mad, come back to senses Poonam, else it will be very bad, you will be much punished. He says I will disappear everyone. Poonam says enough, I m not afraid of you, I m not yet lost, I will end the war, you will be ruined soon so start counting your days.

She says I will end the rule of yours, and about slapping Naveen, I can slap him again. She asks them to get lost. Mata Singh gets angry feeling insulted. She says I m still the MLA and if you threaten me, I can send you in jail. Mata Singh leaves in anger. He comes home and says we have to do something about Poonam. Naveen says I could have taught her a lesson, see how much she has insulted us. Mata Singh says yes, so I have a plan in my mind.

Naveen asks what, Mata Singh says I have frame Poonam in a big crime. Mata Singh says murder. Naveen looks on shocked. Mata Singh says it will be fun if I send her on murder charges, I will be free from her, as she will go in jail. Naveen says great idea, but whose murder. Mata Singh looks on.

Poonam tells Akash that she has to go office. She comes to office and screams Akash
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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Ek Ghar Banaunga 4th June 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Poonam talking to Mata Singh. She tells him that she got the land file and he is shocked. He calls his goons and asks them to take the file from Poonam at any cost and kill Poonma to solve the problem at once. Poonam comes home and the guards leave. Poonam says everyone went in marriage and I m alone at home tonight. The power goes and Poonam tries to light the candle. A man comes to kill her and she tries to escape. The man catches her and shuts her mouth.

Akash comes to her rescue. The man runs seeing him. Akash holds her and she tells him about the man. Akash says don’t worry, I have come. The man takes the file. Poonm says file, I have kept it there, the man took the file. The man calls Mata Singh and says I got the file but could not kill Poonam. Mata Singh gets angry and says Poonam is winning over me, its too much now, I want the file, I will not leave her. Everyone come home and are shocked to know what Mata Singh did, how can he take the land allotted to school and how can he fall so low to try to kill Poonam.

Mangla says we can’t face all this, we don’t have strength. Akash says we have to think some other way. Mata Singh calls Poonam and laughs as he got the file back. He praises himself and underestimates heer. Poonam also laughs. Mata Singh says yes you can laugh. Poonam says check your phone, maybe you are getting some call, then you will know everything. The goon calls Mata Singh and says the file is not the one we were looking for, Poonam has changed the file. Mata Singh is shocked and scolds him.

Mata Singh asks the goons to take the right file from Poonam if they want to save their life. The goon says yes, we will get it. Poonam tells everyone that she has kept the fake file there and fooled Mata Singh. Everyone give her strength but Mangla is tensed knowing what Mata Singh can do. Mata Singh asks his goons to do their best to take the file, else he will not leave them. He asks them to search her office to get the file, he is giving them last chance. He says use all the power, but get the file. Mata Singh says I can’t lose what I earned in all these years, I won’t let Poonam ruin me so easily, never.

Akash talks to Poonam and asks where is the file. Poonam says I knew he will come at home or office, so I kept it in my car. She asks what happened, why are you tensed. He says I m thinking, the goons have made politics bad. She says I will make Mata Singh get punished. She says I m sorry for unable to give you time. He says no need. She says thanks for always supporting me. Its morning, Poonam prays with everyone at home. They bless her. Akash says I will drop you.

Parul, Ambika and Vidya come to meet Poonam while Akash tries to stop them. Poonam says its good you came. She says we all know them. They show their faces. Poonam tells them that Mata Singh’s goons are after me, so we made this plan to fool them. They have kept an eye on us, so Parul will take Poonam’s place. Poonam asks them to leave. The people see that Poonam is still at home, while she leaves with them.

The goons call Mata Singh and tell him that Poonam is still at home. Mata Singh asks what is she doing at home. The goons say nothing and tells him everything about few women going to meet her. Mata Singh says maybe one of them was Poonam. He says Poonam has fooled us, she went by infront of you, go and catch the women. The goon follow the women to catch them.

The goons catch Poonam and she tries to run..
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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Ek Ghar Banaunga 3rd June 2014 Written Update


Poonam and Vidya learn that the PA of the education minister, Navin, is going to meet Mata Singh, in the jail.
Parul and Ambika find the file, and inform Poonam about the same.
Mata Singh confronts Navin for not destroying the file.
The municipality officer informs Poonam that Mata Singh had built a bungalow on the land, allotted to the school.
Mata Singh learns that Poonam has found the file, and threatens her not to demolish his bungalow.
Poonam decides to take action against Mata Singh.
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Monday, 2 June 2014

Ek Ghar Banaunga 2nd June 2014 Written Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 2nd June 2014 Written Episode


The PA of the education minister mentions about the missing file to Poonam, by mistake.
Poonam suspects the PA and follows him to his house, along with her friends.
She asks Parul and Ambika to search the PA’s house for the file.
Poonam and Vidya follow the PA.
The PA realises that he has forgotten his mobile phone, and returns to the house.
Poonam tries to alert Parul and Ambika, but in vain.
She and Vidya sneak into the PA’s house, and save Parul and Ambika from getting caught.
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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Ek Ghar Banaunga 31st May 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Poonam talking to the peon about who can do this scam. Mangla calls Poonam and asks her what to send in lunch. Poonam says anything and ends the call. Mangla feels Poonam was looking tensed. Poonam doubts on two people. Few women came to meet her. Her PA informs her and asks her to come back soon. Poonam says attend them, I will be late else ask them to wait. The women agree to wait. Poonam tells Parul that she has to go. Parul says don’t worry, we will manage everything. Poonam leaves.

Parul says lets start being the spy. Poonam meets the women and asks them not to worry as she will solve their problem soon. The women thank her. Poonam smiles. Mangla comes to Poonam and brings the lunch. She asks Poonam to come and have food. Poonam eats the food smiling. A man comes crying and says please help me, save my life. Poonam and Mangla are shocked. Poonam asks what happened. Mangla says can’t you let her have food, let her eat then she will hear you. The man says my family will die hungry, save us. He says Mata Singh’s goons are ruining our grains, save us. Poonam leaves the food. Mangla scolds the man.

She asks the man to go out and wait. Poonam says I will talk to him, she asks the man to go with the PA and get the farmers orders. The PA says fine. Poonam says don’t worry, nothing will happen. Mangla is annoyed and says you are disrespecting food. I don’t understand why don’t you take care of your health. Poonam says I m fine, the man was really worried. Mangla says fine, help them, but see yourself too. She asks her to have food. Poonam eats the food. She likes the food. Mangla smiles.

Parul and Ambika try to find out from the peon. The boss comes and scolds him. Some people complain about the boss. Ambika doubts on him and calls Poonam. She says many people came here and they have complained about the officer. Parul says I think he has done a deal and tell everything. Poonam says ask the peon that who did the file look, so that we can send the same file again, saying this file is the original one, the boss can be tensed seeing it and then we will catch him.

Parul gives the file to the peon asking him to do as they say. He says I don’t want to do, I m scared. The ladies scare him and asks him to work for Poonam, she will support you. They convince him to help them. The peon comes to the boss and tells him that he has the second copy of the file. He says shall we send this file to Poonam, she wants this. Parul and everyone look at him. The boss keeps the file with him and tries to hide it.

Parul meets the boss and asks him about the file. He says we don’t have any file and keeps it in the bag. Parul and everyone see him. He says I have to leave now. Parul thinks why did he lie, it means he will burn the file or give it to someone. Parul says lets follow him, come fast. They follow the man. He turns back and they hide. He leaves in his car. Ambika says he has run away with the file, lets find where is he going.

The man comes to a place. They think why did he come here. The man comes to meet someone and smiles. He gives him the file. He gives it to Poonam and she is shocked. He says the peon got this file and gave me, and I came to give you myself. The man says I know I don’t do my duty well, but I changed listening to you words. I care for the kid’s future. Parul and everyone looks on. Poonam says I m happy knowing this, you are honest, thanks. He says no, I should thank you, for making me go a good work. He says you are the example for me and leaves.

Parul says this man is innocent, who can it be. Poonam says minister’s PA, we will try to know his truth and make a plan. She smiles.

Poonam talks to Akash about the govt land.

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